The company is mainly formed by brothers Pedro Garcia and Ponciano Garcia as directors. Pedro is responsible for the design and Ponciano for the process of construction.  Both studied for architects at University of Alicante(Spain). They also have taken  a part in the exchange program with European and North American universities and  have professional experience in the different fields of architecture.

GG Homes has direct employees and associated workers, who are selected and hired directly by GG Homes to carry out the construction works.

Ponciano García

Trained as architect in University of Alicante, studies in Bauhaus Universität in Weimar where obtained advanced knowledges in ecological building construction, last course of Architecture in College of Design in Arizona State University.

Collaborator in Ideee Alicante, (Special building structures design) during three years.

Specializes on the field of structures, global concepts, analysis and design

Co-founder of GG A&E  since 2010


Pedro García

Trained in University of Alicante as architect with stance in Bauhaus Universität.

Master degree of Electrical and Termical Equipments for Buildings, and Energy Efficiency, by Universidad Miguel Hernández. He has collaborated in architecture and engineering companies.

For three years he has been part of the team “Flasto and Partners” and “Grupo Masa” in all the different phases of a project. He worked with “Sertec Ingenieros” where he took advanced knowledge in mechanical and electrical equipments for buildings.

He has global knowledge in the field of architecture, specializes ON the last phases of an architectural project, especially ON the analysis and design of mechanical and electrical systems for buildings.

Co-founder of GG A&E  since 2010


Raquel Hernández Peinado

Bachelor degree in Technician Architecture at University of Granada, also formed has Master degree in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Building and Industry at University of Jaén (Spain).

Has experience in architectural and engineering companies, drafting building projects, carrying out measurements and budgets, energy certifications and supporting the drafting of photovoltaic solar installations projects.

The member of GG A&E team since 2016.


Paola Portilla Florez

Management assistant at GG Homes Management. It is in charge of the organization of the work and the contrast of budgets

Irene Carrión

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. Specialized in Online Marketing and Ecommerce. He is responsible for the communication and sales department of the company. It is responsible for keeping all our RRSS, web, portals, campaigns and customer service up to date.

Noemí Cebrian

He studied a cycle of Higher Degree in Administration. He has taken several professional courses in accounting, payroll or Basic PRL among others. Your main function at GG Homes is to keep company accounting current.